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A Collaborative Communties Project

Body of Letters, brings to life the personal accounts and stories of participants by providing them with a framework to use as a vehicle to organize and tell their story-in-motion. Taking inspiration from NPR’s Story Corps, Body of Letters approaches the art of storytelling through the body dynamically moving through space and time.

This is a two-part project that commences with a workshop around which community can gather to explore their personal histories in movement. The final component will be a hybrid (both live and pre-recorded), multi-media performance at SMUSH Gallery that pushes the boundaries of storytelling, and presents a diverse cross section of life in Jersey City, expertly woven into a cohesive tapestry of communal and individual identity.



April 2022

SMUSH Gallery

340 Summit Ave, Jersey City

Presented as part of the SMUSH Gallery Curatorial Fellowship in Dance. 

Developed with support from the SMUSH Gallery Curatorial Fellowship in Dance.



Curtis Stedge 
(Project Lead, Co-Director)

Whitney Denesha


Nanako Horikawa

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