Our Adult Program offers everyone from the complete beginning mover to the advanced complex mover a great way to develop and hone their artistry, stay fit, and most importantly have fun.

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Tuesdays 7:00-8:30pm

Our Beginning Adult classes offer the new or returning student to dance a fun and educational way to expand their kinesthetic and self-awareness, stay fit, and develop their appreciation and understanding of dance. Through technical training, improvisational work, and choreographic study and performance, students will develop balanced abilities in technical proficiency and creative/artistic expression.

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Coming Soon!

Our Intermediate/Advanced Adult class offers experienced students the opportunity to sharpen and hone their technical, improvisational, and performance skills. This Laban/Bartenieff-based course also draws inspiration from Butoh, the Nikolais/Louis tradition, ballet, and the martial arts. Classes generally begin with floor-based somatic work, warming up and calming the body-mind. This is followed by a structured exploration of the class’s theme, improvisational work, center and across the floor work. Finally, we learn and perform a short chorographic phrase before coming together as a community of movers to close the class.